Page 09/27/2014 16:09:44

Summer interns return home

​​The CPC group hosted four high quality summer interns.  

Mr. Pankaj Chandra spent 3 months at the CCRC conducting reacting flow experiments of gaseous fuels.  He will return to Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse (INSA-Toulouse) to complete his MS degree.

Mr. Nooruddin Kapadia and Mr. Ram Nimbalkar spent 10 weeks  conducting experimental and computational research in the CCRC.  We wish them best of luck back at IIT Bombay.

Ms. Lujain Felemban completed a 6 week study on the composition of arabian oud oils using advanced analytical chemistry techniques.  She will return to the University of Rochester to complete her BS degree where she holds a KAUST Gifted Student Program (KGSP) Scholarship.

Mr. Khalid AlTurki and Ibrahim AlSheikh are brilliant Saudi high school interns that completed their 6 week internships under the Saudi Research Summer Institute (SRSI) program. Mr. AlTurki used molecular beam mass spectometry to study flame chemistry and Mr. AlSheikh conducted computational fluid dynamics simulations (CFD) of diesel engine combustion processes.