Page 04/01/2017 13:26:37

Welcome to our International Visiting Researchers

‚ÄčThe CPC Team is happy to welcome the following visiting students to participate in research in our team.
1.      Paolo Guida, MS student from Polictenico di Milano, Italy

2.      Alberta Detogni, BS student from University of Padova, Italy

3.     Andrea Secco, MS student from Univeristy of Bologna, Italy

4.      Vincent van Oudenhoven, BS student from University of Waterloo, Canada

5.      Shiheng Fan, MS student from Johns Hopkins Univeristy, USA

6.      Nursulu Kuzhagaliyeva, BS student from Nazabyev University, Kazakhstan

7.      Tony Bissoonauth, BS student from University of Glasgow, Scotland

8.      Amit Wakale, PhD Student from IIT Hyderebad, India