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SAE World Congress Papers

‚ÄčThe CPC Team is proud to have three papers presented at the SAE World Congress 2017 in Detroit

1.     E. Singh, M. Waqas, B. Johansson, and S.M. Sarathy, Simulating HCCI Blending Octane Number of Primary Reference Fuel with Ethanol. SAE Technical Paper 2017-01-0734, 2017.
2.     M. Waqas, N. Naser, S.M. Sarathy, J. Feijs, K. Morganti, G. Nyrenstedt, B. Johansson, Auto-Ignition of Iso-Stoichiometric Blends of Gasoline-Ethanol-Methanol (GEM) in SI, HCCI and CI Combustion Modes, SAE Technical Paper 2017-01-0726, 2017.
3.     M. Al-Khodaier, V.S. Bhavani Shankar, M. Waqas, N. Naser, S.M. Sarathy, B. Johansson, Evaluation of Anti-Knock Quality of Dicyclopentadiene Gasoline Blends, SAE Technical Paper 2017-01-0804