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  • A shock tube and chemical kinetic modeling study of the pyrolysis and oxidation of butanols
    K. Yasunagaa, T. Mikajiria, M. Sarathyb, T. Koikea, F. Gillespiec, T. Nagyc, J. Simmiec, H. Curranc,
    Combustion and Flame 159  (6) ,  2009–2027 (2012)
Shock tube; Pyrolysis; Oxidation; Ignition; n-Butanol; sec-Butanol
  • Modeling the combustion of high molecular weight fuels by a functional group approach
    M. Mehl, W. Pitz, M. Sarathy, C. Westbrook
    Chemical Kinetics, 44 (4) ,  257–276 (2012)
Modeling, Molecular
  • Detailed kinetic modeling of conventional gasoline at highly boosted conditions and the associate intermediate temperature heat release
    M. Mehl, W. Pitz, M. Sarathy, Y. Yang, John E.
    SAE 2012 World Congress & Exhibition , 0148-7191 (2012)
Computer simulation, HCCI engines
  • An experimental and modeling study investigating the ignition delay in a military diesel engine running hexadecane (cetane) fuel
    J. Cowart, W. Fischer, L. Hamilton, P. Caton, M. Sarathy, W. Pitz
    Sage Jouranls, 14 (1) , (2012)
hexadecane (cetane) fuel
  • A comprehensive chemical kinetic combustion model for the four butanol isomers
    M. Sarathy, S. Vranckx, K. Yasunaga, M. Mehla, P. Oßwald, W. Metcalfe, C. Westbrook, W. Pitz, K.Höinghaus, R. Fernandes
    Combustion and Flame,  159 (6) , 2028–2055 (2012)
Butanol isomers; Chemical kinetic modeling; Bio-butanol; Reaction rate rules; Alcohol combustion
  • Effects of fuel branching on the propagation of octane isomers flames
    C. Ji, M. Sarathy, P. Veloo, C. Westbrook, F. Egolfopoulos,
    Combustion and Flame,  159 (4),  1426–1436 (2012)
Flame propagation; Branched alkanes; Octane isomers; Fuel surrogates; Kinetic models
  • Detailed kinetic modeling study of n-pentanol oxidation
    K.A. Heufer, S.M. Sarathy, H.J. Curran, A.C. Davis, C.K. Westbrook, W.J. Pitz

    Energy and Fuels, 26, pp. 6678-6685, (2012)

  • A reduced mechanism for biodiesel surrogates for compression ignition engine applications

    Z. Luo, M. Plomer, T. Lu, S. Som, D.E. Longman, S.M. Sarathy, W.J. Pitz
    Fuel, 99, pp. 143-153, (2012)

Mechanism reduction, Biodiesel, Methyl decanoate, Diesel engine, Auto-ignition
  • Experimental and kinetic modeling study of 3-methylheptane in a jet stirred reactor

    F. Karsenty, S.M. Sarathy, C. Togbé, C.K. Westbrook, G. Dayma, P. Dagaut, M. Mehl, W.J. Pitz
    Energy and Fuels, 26, pp. 4680-4689, (2012)

Jet-stirred reactor, 3-methylheptane, 2-methylheptane, 2,5-dimethylhexane, N-octane