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  • A comprehensive experimental and modeling study of 2-methylbutanol combustion
    S. Park, O. Manna, F. Khaled, R. Bougacha, M. Mansour, A. Farooq, S. Chung, M Sarathy
    Combustion and Flame, 162 (5),  2166–2176 (2015)
Chemical kinetic modeling; Shock tube; Constant volume combustion vessel; 2-Methylbutanol; Ignition delay; Laminar flame speed
  • Detection and Identification of the Keto-Hydroperoxide (HOOCH2OCHO) and other intermediates during low-temperature oxidation of dimethyl ether
    K. Moshammer, A. Jasper, D. Popolan-Vaida, A. Lucassen, P. Dievart, H. Selim, A. Eskola, C. Taatjes, S.R. Leone, S.M. Sarathy, Y. Ju, P. Dagaut, K. Kohse-Höinghaus, N. Hansen
    J. Phys. Chem. A (Argonne Festschrift), 119 (28)، 7361-7374   (2015)
  • Flame Chemistry of 2- and 3-methyl heptane using VUV synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry​
    H. Selim, S. Mohamed, A. Lucassen, N. Hansen, S.Sarathy
    Energy Fuels,  29 (4), 2696–2708 (2015)
Time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer, Flame chemistry, Branched alkanes.
  • Structural level characterization of base oils using advanced analytical techniques

    N. Hourani, H. Muller, F. Adam, S. Panda, M. Witt, A. Al-Hajji, M. Sarathy
    Energy and Fuels, 29 (5), 2962-2970  (2015)

Base oils
  • Mixed butanols addition to gasoline surrogates: shock tube ignition delay time measurements and chemical kinetic modeling

    A. AlRamadan, J. Badra, T. Javed, M. Al-Abbad, N. Bokhumseen, P. Gaillard, H. Babiker, A. Farooq, S.M. Sarathy
    Combustion and Flame 162, 3971-3979, (2015)

Butanols, Octane boosters, Shock tube, Ignition delay times, Chemical kinetics, Toluene primary reference fuels
  • A fundamental investigation into the relationship between lubricant composition and fuel ignition quality

    O. Kuti, S. Yang, N. Hourani, N. Naser, W. Roberts, S. Chung, M. Sarathy
    Fuel, 160  605-613, (2015)

Low speed pre-ignition (LSPI), Direct injection spark ignition (DISI), Ignition quality tester (IQT), Lubricant base oils, iso-octane, Total ignition delay
  • Numerical modeling of ion transport in flames
    J.Han, M, Belhi, F. Bisetti, S.M. Sarathy
    Combustion Theory and Modeling, 19 (6), 744-772  (2015)
Charged species, Diffusivity, Mobility, Polarizability, Combustion
  • An experimental and modeling study of diethyl carbonate oxidation

    H. Nakamura, H.J. Curran, A.D. Polo Córdoba, W.J. Pitz, P. Dagaut, C. Togbé, S.M. Sarathy, M. Mehl, J. Agudelo, F. Bustamante
    Combust. Flame, 162:4, 1395-1405, (2015)​

Ignition delay time, Oxidation, Shock tube, Rapid compression machine, Diethyl carbonate, Jet-stirred reactor
  • Stabilization and structure of n-heptane tribrachial flames in axisymmetric laminar jets

    F. Bisetti, S.M. Sarathy, M. Toma, S.H. Chung
    Proc. Combust. Inst., 35, 1023-1032, (2015)

Tribrachial flame, n-Heptane, Lifted flame, Flame stretch, Differential diffusion
  • Modelling ignition processes of palm oil biodiesel and diesel fuels using a two stage lagrangian approach

    A. Alfazazi, O.A. Kuti, S.M. Sarathy
    SAE 2015-01-1861, SAE Fuels and Lubricants, 1-11, (2015)

Modelling ignition processes
  • Kinetics of the high-temperature combustion reactions of dibutylether using composite computational methods

    M. Al-Rashidi, A.C. Davis, S.M. Sarathy
    Proc. Combust. Inst., Issue 35, 385-392, (2015)

Dibutyl ether, Combustion, Computational kinetics, Transition state theory
  • Kinetics of ethylcyclohexane pyrolysis and oxidation: An experimental and detailed kinetic modeling study

    Z. Wang, L. Zhao, Y. Wang, H. Bian, L. Zhang, F. Zhang, Y. Li, S.M. Sarathy, F. Qi
    Combustion and Flame Accepted March, (2015)

Ethylcyclohexane, Pyrolysis, Oxidation, Premixed flames, Synchrotron VUV photoionization mass spectrometry, Kinetic modeling
  • Ignition of alkane-rich FACE gasoline fuels and their surrogate mixtures

    S.M. Sarathy, G. Kukkadapu, M. Mehl, W. Wang. T. Javed, S. Park, M. Oehlschlaeger, A. Farooq, W.J. Pitz, C-J. Sung
    Proc. Combust. Inst., 35, 249-257, (2015)

Gasoline, Combustion, Chemical kinetics modeling, Surrogate fuels, Ignition
  • Experiments and simulations of NOx formation in the combustion of hydroxylated fuels

    M.D. Bohon, M. El-Rachidi, S.M. Sarathy, and W.L. Roberts
    Combust. Flame, 162:6,2322-2336, (2015)

NOx, Alcohol, Swirl, Thermal, Prompt, Hydroxylated
  • Combustion chemistry of alcohols: Experimental and modeled structures of premixed 2-methylbutanol flames

    A. Lucassen, S. Park, N. Hansen, S.M. Sarathy
    Proc. Combust. Inst., 35:813-820, (2015)

Alcohol combustion, 2-Methylbutanol, Biofuels, Mass spectrometry, Kinetic modeling
  • Combustion characteristics of C5 alcohols and a skeletal mechanism for HCCI combustion simulation

    S. Park, S.H. Chung, T. Lu, S.M. Sarathy
    Energy and Fuels 2015, 29 (11), pp. 75847594, (2015)

C5 alcohols
  • Analysis of impact of temperature and saltwater on nannochloropsis salina bio-oil production by ultra high resolution

    M.M. Sanguineti, N. Hourani, M. Witt, S.M. Sarathy, N. Kuhnert, L. Thomsen
    APCI FTICR MS, Algal Research, pp. 227-235, (2015)​​

Hydrothermal Liquefaction, Microalgae, Saltwater, APCI, FT-ICR MS
  • An experimental and modeling study of n-octanol combustion

    L. Cai, Y. Uygun, C. Togbe, H. Pitsch, H. Olivier, P. Dagaut, S.M. Sarathy
    Proc. Combust. Inst., 35, pp. 419-427, (2015)​

N-Octanol, Chemical mechanism, High pressure shock tube, Jet stirred reactor
  • A methodology to relate octane numbers of binary and ternary n-heptane, iso-octane and toluene mixtures with simulated ignition delay times

    J.A. Badra, N. Bokhumseen, N. Mulla, S.M. Sarathy, A. Farooq, G. Kalghatgi
    Fuel, 160, pp. 458-469, (2015)

Octane numbers, Ignition delay times, Toluene primary reference fuels, Chemical kinetics
  • A computational study of ethylene-air sooting flames: effects of large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

    P. Selvaraj, P.G. Arias, H.G. Im, Y. Wang, Y. Gao, S. Park, S.M. Sarathy, T. Lu, S.H.Chung
    Combustion and Flame, (2015)

Soot model, Laminar flames, Method of moments, Reduced mechanism, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
  • A computational methodology for formulating gasoline surrogate fuels with accurate physical and chemical kinetic properties

    А. Ahmed, G. Goteng, V.S.B. Shankar, K. Al-Quraishi, W.L. Roberts, S.M. Sarathy
    Fuel, 143, pp. 290-300, (2015)

Gasoline, Combustion, Surrogate fuel, Formulation, Chemical kinetic simulation
  • TG/DTG, FT-ICR mass spectrometry, and NMR spectroscopy study of heavy fuel oil

    A.M. Elbaz, A. Gani, N. Hourani, A.H. Emwas, S.M. Sarathy, W.L. Roberts
    Energy & Fuels 29 (12), 7825-7835, (2015)​

Heavy fuel oil (HFO) , Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
  • A comprehensive experimental and modeling study of 2-methyl-butanol combustion

    S. Park, O. Mannaa, F. Khaled, R. Bougacha, M. Mansour, A. Farooq, S.H. Chung, S.M. Sarathy
    Combust. Flame, 162:5, 2166-2176, (2015)

Chemical kinetic modeling, Shock tube, Constant volume combustion vessel, 2-Methylbutanol, Ignition delay, Laminar flame speed