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  • Compression ignition of light naphtha and its multicomponent surrogate under partially premixed conditions  

    R. Vallinayagam, S. Vedharaj, Y. An, A. Dawood, M. I. Najafabadi, B. Somers, J. Chang, S. M. Sarathy, B. Johansson  

    SAE Technical Paper 2017-24-0078 (2017)​
Diesel / compression ignition engines, Carbon monoxide, Combustion and combustion processes, HCCI engines
  • Heavy fuel oil pyrolysis and combustion: Kinetics and evolved gases investigated by TGA-FTIR

    A.G.A. Jameel, Y. Han, O. Brignoli, S. Telalović, A.M. Elbaz, H.G. Im, W.L. Roberts, S.M. Sarathy

    Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, volume 127, pp. 183-195, (2017)
Heavy fuel oil, TGA-FTIR, Pyrolysis, Combustion
  • Blending Behavior of Ethanol with PRF 84 and FACE A Gasoline in HCCI Combustion Mmode

    M.U. Waqas, N. Atef, E. Singh, J.B. Masurier, S.M. Sarathy, B. Johansson

    SAE Technical Paper, 2017-24-0082, (2017)
FACE fuels, Ethanol blending, HCCI, Low temperature heat release
  • Ignition studies of two low-octane gasolines

    T. Javed, A. Ahmed, L. Lovisotto, G. Issayev, J. Badra, S.M. Sarathy, A. Farooq

    Combustion and Flame, volume 185, pp. 152-159, (2017)
Low-octane gasolines, Naphtha, Ignition delay, Shock tube, Rapid compression machine, Surrogates
  • Autoignition characteristics of oxygenated gasolines

    C. Lee, A. Ahmed, E. F. Nasir, J. Badra, G. Kalghatgi, S. M. Sarathy, H. Curran, A. Farooq

    Combustion and Flame, volume 186, pp. 114-128, (2017)
Oxygenated gasoline, Ignition delay times, Ethanol, Shock tube, Rapid compression machine
  • Optimizing Blendstock Composition and Ethanol Feedstock to Reduce Gasoline Well-to-Pump CO2 Emission

    B. Zhang, S. M. Sarathy, A. F. N. A. Manan

    Energy Procedia 105, 3642-3647, (2017)
Corn-based ethanol, Lifecycle analysis, Ethanol blended gasoline, CO2 emission, Well-to-wheel emission
  • Measurements of Positively Charged Ions in Premixed Methane-Oxygen Atmospheric Flames

    A. B. S. Alquaity, J. Han, M.Chahine, H. Selim, M. Belhi, S. M. Sarathy, F. Bisetti, A. Farooq

    Anions, Cations, Ion chemistry model, Molecular beam mass spectrometry (MBMS), Methane flames, (2017)
Anions, CationsIon chemistry model, Molecular beam mass spectrometry, (MBMS) Methane flames
  • Cyclopentane combustion chemistry. Part I: Mechanism development and computational kinetics

    M. J. AlRashidi, M. Mehl, W. J. Ptiz, S. Y. Mohamed, S. M. Sarathy

    Combustion and Flame 183, 358-371, (2017)
Cyclopentane, Detailed mechanism, Computational kinetics, Pressure-dependent rate constants
  • Optimization of the octane response of gasoline/ethanol blends

    J. Badra, A. S. Alramadan, S. M. Sarathy

    Applied Energy 203, 778-793, (2017)

Ethanol, Octane responses, FACE gasoline, Multi-component
  • On the effects of fuel properties and injection timing in partially premixed compression ignition of low octane fuels

    N. Naser, M. Jaasim, N. Atef, S. H. Chung. S. M. Sarathy, H. G. Im

    Fuel, 207, 373-388, (2017)

Light naphtha, Partially premixed compression ignition, Combustion, Fuel stratification, Low octane gasoline
  • Integrated In Situ Characterization of a Molten Salt Catalyst Surface: Evidence of Sodium Peroxide and Hydroxyl Radical Formation

    K. Takanabe, A. M. Khan, Y. Tang, L. Nguyen, A. Ziani, B. W.  Jacobs, A.M. Elbaz, S. M. Sarathy, F. Tao

    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 29 (35), 10539–10543 (2017)
Heterogene Katalyse, Hydroxylradikale, Oxidative Kupplungen, Natriumperoxid, Umgebungsdruck-XPS
  • Heats of Formation of Medium-Sized Organic Compounds from Contemporary Electronic Structure Methods

    Y. Minenkov, H. Wang, Z. Wang, S. M. Sarathy, L. Cavallo

    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 13 (8), 3537–3560 (2017)
Heats of Formation, Organic Compounds,  Electronic Structure Methods
  • Cyclopentane combustion. Part II. Ignition delay measurements and mechanism validation

    M. J. AlRashidi, J. C. Marmol, C. Banyon, M. B. Sajid, W. J. Pitz, S. Y. Mohamed, A. Alfazazi, L. Tianfeng, H. J. Curran, A. Farooq, S. M. Sarathy

    Combustion and Flame, 183, 372-385, (2017)
Cyclopentane, Ignition delay, Shock tube, Rapid compression machine, Kinetic modeling
  • Optimizing blendstock composition and ethanol feedstock to reduce gasoline well-to-pump CO2 emission

    B. Zhang, S. M. Sarathy, A. F. N. A. Manan

    Energy Procedia, 105, 3642-3647, (2017)
Corn-based ethanol, Lifecycle analysis, Ethanol blended gasoline, CO2 emission, Well-to-wheel emission
  • Quantities of interest in jet stirred reactor oxidation of a high-octane gasoline

    B. Chen, C. Togbé, H. Selim, P. Dagaut, S. M. Sarathy
    Energy & Fuels, 31(5), 5543-5553, (2017)
GC-MS, Jet, Gasoline 
  • Evaluation of anti-knock quality of dicyclopentadiene-gasoline blends

    M. Khodaier, V. Shankar, M. Waqas, N. Naser, S. M. Sarathy

    SAE Technical Paper, ISSN 0148-7191, (2017)
Automotive, Gasoline, Knock
  • Auto-Ignition of iso-stoichiometric blends of gasoline-ethanol-methanol (GEM) in SI, HCCI and CI combustion modes

    M. Waqas, N. Naser, S. M. Sarathy, J. Feijs, K. Morganti, G. Nyrenstedt

    SAE Technical Paper, ISSN 0148-7191, (2017)
Ethanol, Methanol, Diesel/ Compression Ignition engines, Spark ignition engines, HCCI engines, Combustion and combustion processes
  • Simulating HCCI blending octane number of primary reference fuel with ethanol

    E. Singh, M. Waqas, B. Johansson, S. M. Sarathy

    SAE Technical Paper, ISSN 0148-7191, (2017)
Ethanol, HCCI engines, Combustion and combustion processes
  • A comprehensive detailed kinetic mechanism for the simulation of transportation fuels

    M. Mehl, S. Wagnon, K. Tsang, G. Kukkadapu, W. Pitz, C. Westbrook, S. M. Sarathy, A. Ahmed

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, CA, (2017)
LLNL, NUI, Polyalkylated
  • The influence of n-butanol blending on the ignition delay times of gasoline and its surrogate at high pressures

    E. Agbro, A. Tomlin, M. Lawes, S. Park, S. M. Sarathy

    Fuel, 187, 211-219, (2017)
Gasoline surrogates, Ignition delays, n-Butanol, Blending, Rapid compression machine
  • Compositional effects on PAH and soot formation in counterflow diffusion flames of gasoline surrogate fuels

    S. Park, Y. Wang, S. Chung, S. M. Sarathy

    Combustion and Flame, 178, 46-60, (2017)
PAHs, Soot, Gasoline surrogate fuel, Chemical kinetic model, Counterflow diffusion flame
  • Premixed flame chemistry of a gasoline primary reference fuel surrogate

    ​H. Selim, S. Y. Mohamed, N. Hansen, S. M. Sarathy

    Combustion and Flame, 179, 300-311, (2017)
Primary reference fuels, Flame chemistry, Fuel surrogates, Molecular beam mass spectrometry, Detailed reaction mechanisms
  • Antiknock quality and ignition kinetics of 2-phenylethanol, a novel lignocellulosic octane booster
    V. Shankar, M. Al-Abbad, M. El-Rachidi, S. Mohamed, E. Singh, Z. Wang, A. Farooq, M. Sarathy​
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (3), 3515–3522 (2017)

Future fuel, Octane index
  • New insights into methane-oxygen ion chemistry
    A.B.S Alquaity, B. Chen, J. Han, H. Selim, M. Belhi, Y. Karakaya, T. Kasper, S. M. Sarathy, F. Bisetti A. Farooq
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (1) 1213- 1221 (2017)
Cations, MBMS, Low-pressure flame, Ion chemistry, Electric fields
  • ​New insights into the low-temperature oxidation of 2-methylhexane

    Z. Wang, S. Y. Mohamed, L. Zhang, K. Moshammer, D. M. Popolan-Vaida, V. S. B. Shankar, A. Lucassen, L. Ruwe, N. Hansen, P. Dagaut, S. M. Sarathy

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (1),  373-382 (2017)
Auto-oxidation; Highly oxidized multifunctional molecules; Peroxides; Alternative isomerization; Synchrotron VUV photoionization mass spectrometry
  • Ignition delay measurements of light naphtha: A fully blended low octane fuel

    T. Javed, E. Nasir, A. Ahmed, J. Badra, K. Djebbi, M. Beshir, W. Ji,
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 36 (1),  315-322 (2017)

Light naphtha, Low-octane fuel, Ignition delay times, Surrogate formulation, Shock tube
  • Performance and emissions of gasoline blended with terpineol as an octane booster

    R. Vallinayagam, S. Vedharaj, W. Roberts, R. Dibble, M. Sarathy

    Renewable Energy 101, 1087–1093 (2017)
Terpineol; SI engine; Octane booster; Performance; Emission and gasoline
  • Achieving 80% greenhouse gas reduction target in Saudi Arabia under low and medium oil price
    Y. Alshammari,  S. M. Sarathy
    Energy Policy 101, Pages 502–511​, (2017)
CO2 emissions; Decarbonisation scenarios; Power generation; Oil breakeven price; Saudi Arabia
  • High temperature shock tube experiments and kinetic modeling study of diisopropyl ketone ignition and pyrolysis

    G. Barari, O. Pryor, B. Koroglub, S. M. Sarathy, A .E. Masunov, S. S. Vasu

    Combustion and Flame 177,  207–218 (2017) ​
Ignition delay time; Kinetic mechanism; Shock tube; Biofuel oxidation; Diisopropyl ketone
  • A comprehensive iso-octane combustion model with improved thermochemistry and chemical kinetics

    N. Atef, G. Kukkadapu, S. Y. Mohamed, M. J. AlRashidi, C. Banyon, M. Mehl, K. A. Heufer, E. F. Nasir, A. Alfazazi, A. K. Das, C. K. Westbrook, W. J. Pitz, T. Lue, A. Farooq, S. M. Sarathy, C. -J. Sung, H. .J. Curran 

    Combustion and Flame 178, 111–134 (2017)​
Iso-Octane; Combustion kinetics; Thermodynamics; Gauche; Alternative isomerisation
  • Impact of fuel molecular structure on auto-ignition behavior – Design rules for future high performance gasolines

    M. D. Boot, M. Tian, E. J. M. Hensen, S. M. Sarathy

    Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 60, 1–25 (2017)
Octane, Knock, Auto-ignition, Gasoline, Downsizing
  • Variations in non-thermal NO formation pathways in alcohol flames

    M. D. Bohon, T. F. Guiberti, S. M. Sarathy, W. L. Roberts
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 36 (3) 3995-4002  (2017)​​​​

Proceedings of the Combustion Institute
  • Understanding premixed flame chemistry of gasoline fuels by comparing quantities of interest

    H. Selim, S. Y. Mohamed, A. Dawood, S. M. Sarathy
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 36 (1) 1203-1211  (2017)​​​​

Combustion chemistry, FACE fuels, Photoionization mass spectroscopy, Laminar premixed flame, Gasoline surrogates
  • The influence of n-butanol blending on the ignition delay times of gasoline and its surrogate at high pressures

    E. Agbro, A. S. Tomlin, M. Lawes, S. Park, S. M. Sarathy
    Fuel 187, pp. 211-219, (2017)​​​

Gasoline surrogates; Ignition delays; n-Butanol; Blending; Rapid compression machine
  • Terpineol as a novel octane booster for extending the knock limit of gasoline

    R. Vallinayagam, S. Vedharaj, N. Naser, W. L. Roberts, R. W. Dibble, S. M. Sarathy

    Fuel 187, pp. 9-15, (2017)​​​

Terpineol, Octane booster, Ignition, Combustion, FACE gasoline, IQT
  • Jet-stirred reactor oxidation of alkane-rich FACE gasoline fuels

    B. Chen, C. Togbé, Z. Wang, P. Dagaut, S. M. Sarathy

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 36 (1) 517- 524 (2017)​

Gasolines, FACE A and C fuels, Surrogate fuels, PRF, Kinetic model
  • Ignition characteristics of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran: An experimental and kinetic study

    R. Tripathi, C. Lee, R. X. Fernandes, H. Olivier, H. J. Curran, S. M. Sarathy,

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (1),587-595, (2017)​​

2-methyltetrahydrofuran; Ignition delay; Kinetic model; Shock tube; Rapid compression machine
  • Elucidating reactivity regimes in cyclopentane oxidation: Jet stirred reactor experiments, computational chemistry, and kinetic modeling

    M. J. Al Rashidi, S. Thion, C. Togbé, G. Dayma, M. Mehl, P. Dagaut, W. J. Pitz, S. M. Sarathy

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 36 (1) 469-477  (2017)​​​

Cyclopentane, Jet stirred rector, Species profiles, Modeling
  • Aromatic ring formation in opposed-flow diffusive 1, 3-butadiene flames

    K. Moshammer, L. Seidel, Y. Wang, H. Selim, S. M. Sarathy, F. Mauss

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 36 (1) 947-955 (2017)​

1,3-Butadiene; Diffusion flame; Mass spectrometry; Modeling; PAH formation
  • A laminar flame investigation of 2-butanone, and the combustion-related intermediates formed through its oxidation

    C. Hemken, U. Burke, I. Graf, L. Ruwe, S. Park, S. M. Sarathy, K. A. Heufer, K. K. Höinghaus 

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 36 (1) 1175-1183  (2017)​

2-butanone, Laminar premixed flame, Molecular-beam mass spectrometry, Oxygenated intermediates, Soot precursor species
  • Chemical kinetic insights into the octane number and octane sensitivity of gasoline surrogate mixtures

    E. Singh, J. Badra, M. Mehl, S. M. Sarathy

    Energy and Fuels 31, 1945-1960 (2017)

Octane Number, Sensitivity, Chemical kinetics, Gasoline Surrogates