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Research Interests

Lujain’s research interests at KAUST include studying the complex Oud oil mixture formed by nature with analytical methods based on molecular beam TOF mass spectrometry, ESI, APCI and GC/LC methods. Data generated from such experiments is to be used to study special oils components in order to understand their nature and further apply the results into better understanding of perfumed oils. Out of KAUST, Lujain is still exploring different areas of chemistry research as a college undergraduate student. 


  • B.S., Chemistry 2013-2017., University of Rochester, NY 14627 U.S.A

Professional Profile

  • Lujain is a second year undergraduate student interning at the Clean Combustion Research Center at KAUST. She joined for the summer of 2014. Lujain is part of the KAUST Gifted Students Program (KGSP) and the KASP. Lujain is a member of the Undergraduate Chemistry Council (UCC) at UR.

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