Current Research

Combustion Experiments

Understanding kinetics of chemical reactions occuring in combustion systems requires experimental data on spatial and temporal species profiles. This includes concentrations of reactants, products, stable, and reactive intermediate species. Research at the CPC lab endeavours to study the combustion chemistry of gaseous and liquid fuels, through well-defined experiments (0D-1D) and advanced diagnostics (e.g., mass spectrometry and optical).

Combustion Cyberinfrastructure

CloudFlame is a cloud-based cyberinfrastructure for managing combustion research and enabling collaboration. It consists of a joint cloud venture with PrIMe and an independently hosted clud to provide access to open-source simulations, a digitized data warehouse, and various fuel design tools.

Future Fuels and Fuel Design

The fuel design and future fuels team in the CPC works to develop tailored fuels to power modern and imminent combustion technologies including IC engines (modern and conventional), stationary and aviation turbines, and marine engines. The ongoing studies within the group are subdivided into 3 major thrust areas namely: unconventional molecules and fuels, fuel design, systems and feasibility analysis.

Kinetic Modelling

The CPC group is concerned with the systematic development of kinetic mechanisms for different hydrocarbons. The mechanisms include both low and high temperature reaction classes with rate coefficients either adopted from literature or calculated using computational methods. The models are validated against experimental ignition delay data from shock tubes and rapid compression machines or specific data from jet stirred reactors.


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