Ignition delay time sensitivity in ignition quality tester (IQT) and its relation to octane sensitivity

Authors: N. Naser, S. M. Sarathy, S. H. Chung
Octane Number Cetane Number Autoignition Combustion Ignition Delay Time Octane Sensitivity

Oxidation of 2-methylfuran and 2-methylfuran/n-heptane blends: An experimental and modeling study

Authors: R. Tripathi, U. Burke, A. K. Ramalingam, C. Lee, A. C. Davis, L. Cai, H. Selim, R. X. Fernandes, K. A. Heufer, S. M. Sarathy, H. Pitscha
2-Methylfuran n-Heptane Shock Tube Rapid Compression Machine Ignition Delay Kinetic Model

Global sensitivity analysis of n-butanol reaction kinetics using rate rules

Authors: M. Hantouche, S. M. Sarathy, O. M. Knio
Rate Rules Polynomial Chaos Surrogate Adaptive Pseudo-spectral Projection Global Sensitivity Analysis n-butanol Mechanism

Chemical kinetic modeling study on the influence of n-butanol blending on the combustion, autoignition, and knock properties of gasoline and its surrogate in a spark-ignition engine

Authors: E. Agbro, A. S. Tomlin, W. Zhang, A. Burluka, F. Mauss, M. Pasternak, A. Alfazazi, S. M. Sarathy
Spark-ignition Engine Autoignition Gasoline

Methylcyclohexane pyrolysis and oxidation in a jet-stirred reactor

Authors: T. Bissoonauth, Z. Wang, S. Y. Mohamed, J. Y. Wang, B. Chen, A. Rodriguez, O. Frottier, X. Zhang, Y. Zhang, C. Chuangchuang, J. Yang, O. Herbinet, F. Battin-Leclercb, S. M. Sarathy
Low-temperature Oxidation Peroxides Kinetic Modeling Synchrotron VUV Photoionization Mass Spectrometry Ignition Delay Time

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in pyrolysis of gasoline surrogates (n-heptane/iso-octane/toluene)

Authors: C. Shao, H. Wang, N. Atef, Z. Wang, B. Chen, M. Almalki, Y. Zhang, C. Cao, J. Yang, S. M. Sarathy
Gasoline Surrogate PAHs Pyrolysis Jet-stirred Reactor Synchrotron Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry

Computational kinetics of hydroperoxybutylperoxy isomerizations and decompositions: A study of the effect of hydrogen bonding

Authors: S. Y. Mohamed, A. C. Davis, M. J. Al Rashidi, S. M. Sarathy
Hydrogen Bonding Computational Kinetics Combustion Processes

New approach to improving fuel and combustion characteristics of black soldier fly oil

Authors: T. Hong, N. Chandiramani, J. R. Cano, S. M. Sarathy
Biodiesel Combustion

Estimating fuel octane numbers from homogeneous gas-phase ignition delay times

Authors: N. Naser, S. M. Sarathy, S. H. Chung
Octane Number Autoignition Combustion Ignition Delay Time Octane Index Spark Ignition Engine

Recent progress in gasoline surrogate fuels

Authors: S. M. Sarathy, A. Farooq, G. T. Kalghatgi
Surrogate Fuels Kinetic Modeling Gasoline

Small ester combustion chemistry: Computational kinetics and experimental study of methyl acetate and ethyl acetate

Authors: A. Ahmed, W. J. Pitz, C. Cavallotti, M. Mehl, N. Lokachari, E. J. K. Nilsson, W. J. Yang, A. A. Konnov, S. W. Wagnon, B. Chen, Z. Wang, S. Kim, H. J. Curran, S. J. Klippenstein, W. L. Roberts, S. M. Sarathy
Esters Ignition Laminar Burning Velocity Jet Stirred Reactor Kinetic Mechanism

Auto-ignition and spray characteristics of n-heptane and iso-octane fuels in ignition quality tester

Authors: M. J. M. Ali, A. Elhagrasy, S. M. Sarathy, S. H. Chung, H. G. Im
Computational Fluid Dynamics Ignition Systems Fuel Injection

Analysis of the current–voltage curves and saturation currents in burner-stabilised premixed flames with detailed ion chemistry and transport models

Authors: M. Belhi, J. Han, T. A. Casey, J. Y. Chen, H. G. Im, S. M. Sarathy & F. Bisetti
1D Premixed Flames iV Curve Saturation charged Species CH Predictions

Numerical simulations of high reactivity gasoline fuel sprays under vaporizing and reactive conditions

Authors: B. Mohan, M. Jaasim, A. Ahmed, F. H. Perez, J. Sim, W. L. Roberts, S. M. Sarathy, H. G. Im
Gasoline Compression Ignition Gasoline Fuel

Autoignition of isooctane beyond RON and MON conditions

Authors: J. B. Masurier, M. Waqas, S. M. Sarathy, B. Johansson
CFR Engine RON and MON Traces

Theoretical kinetic study of the unimolecular keto–enol tautomerism propen-2-ol ↔ acetone. Pressure effects and implications in the pyrolysis of tert- and 2-butanol

Authors: E. G. González, M. M. Palacios, S. M. Sarathy
Biofuels Fossil Fuels Butanol Isomers Hygroscopicity

CH4/air homogeneous autoignition: A comparison of two chemical kinetics mechanisms

Authors: E. Al. Tingas, D. M. Manias, S. M. Sarathy, D. A. Goussis
Methane/air Autoignition Detailed Chemical Kinetics Model Reduction Explosive Time Scale CSP

2-Methylfuran: A bio-derived octane booster for spark-ignition engines

Authors: E. Singh, V. S. B. Shankar, R. Tripathi, H. Pitsch, S. M. Sarathy
2-Methylfuran Biofuel Autoignition

A minimalist functional group (MFG) approach for surrogate fuel formulation

Authors: A. G. A. Jameel, N. Naser, G. Issayev, J. Touitou, M. K. Ghosh, A.-H. Emwas, A. Farooq, S. Dooley, S. M. Sarathy
Surrogate Functional Group 1H NMR Spectroscopy Ignition Delay Time (IDT) Rapid Compression Machine (RCM) Threshold Sooting Index (TSI) Virtual Smoke Point

A surrogate fuel formulation to characterize heating and evaporation of light naphtha droplets

Authors: I. Kabil, J. Sim, J. A. Badra, Y. Eldrainy, W. Abdelghaffar, M. J. M. Ali, A. Ahmed, S. M. Sarathy, H. G. Im & A. Elwardany
Droplet Evaporation Multicomponent Surrogates Naphtha Effective Diffusivity Model

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