Elucidating reactivity regimes in cyclopentane oxidation: Jet stirred reactor experiments, computational chemistry, and kinetic modeling

Authors: M. J. Al Rashidi, S. Thion, C. Togbé, G. Dayma, M. Mehl, P. Dagaut, W. J. Pitz, S. M. Sarathy
Cyclopentane Jet Stirred Rector Species Profiles Modeling

Compression ignition of light naphtha and its multicomponent surrogate under partially premixed conditions

Authors: R. Vallinayagam, S. Vedharaj, Y. An, A. Dawood, M. I. Najafabadi, B. Somers, J. Chang, S. M. Sarathy, B. Johansson
Diesel / Compression Ignition Engines Carbon Monoxide Combustion and Combustion Processes HCCI Engines

Heavy fuel oil pyrolysis and combustion: Kinetics and evolved gases investigated by TGA-FTIR

Authors: A.G.A. Jameel, Y. Han, O. Brignoli, S. Telalović, A.M. Elbaz, H.G. Im, W.L. Roberts, S.M. Sarathy
Heavy Fuel Oil TGA-FTIR Pyrolysis Combustion

Blending Behavior of Ethanol with PRF 84 and FACE A Gasoline in HCCI Combustion Mmode

Authors: M.U. Waqas, N. Atef, E. Singh, J.B. Masurier, S.M. Sarathy, B. Johansson
FACE Fuels Ethanol Blending HCCI Low Temperature Heat Release

Ignition studies of two low-octane gasolines

Authors: T. Javed, A. Ahmed, L. Lovisotto, G. Issayev, J. Badra, S.M. Sarathy, A. Farooq
Low-octane Gasolines Naphtha Ignition Delay Shock Tube Rapid Compression Machine Surrogates

Autoignition characteristics of oxygenated gasolines

Authors: C. Lee, A. Ahmed, E. F. Nasir, J. Badra, G. Kalghatgi, S. M. Sarathy, H. Curran, A. Farooq
Oxygenated Gasoline Ignition Delay Times Ethanol Shock Tube Rapid Compression Machine

Optimizing Blendstock Composition and Ethanol Feedstock to Reduce Gasoline Well-to-Pump CO2 Emission

Authors: B. Zhang, S. M. Sarathy, A. F. N. A. Manan
Corn-based Ethanol Lifecycle Analysis Ethanol Blended Gasoline CO2 Emission Well-to-wheel Emission

Measurements of Positively Charged Ions in Premixed Methane-Oxygen Atmospheric Flames

Authors: A. B. S. Alquaity, J. Han, M.Chahine, H. Selim, M. Belhi, S. M. Sarathy, F. Bisetti, A. Farooq
Anions CationsIon Chemistry Model Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry (MBMS) Methane Flames

Cyclopentane combustion chemistry. Part I: Mechanism development and computational kinetics

Authors: M. J. AlRashidi, M. Mehl, W. J. Ptiz, S. Y. Mohamed, S. M. Sarathy
Cyclopentane Detailed Mechanism Computational Kinetics Pressure-dependent Rate Constants

Optimization of the octane response of gasoline/ethanol blends

Authors: J. Badra, A. S. Alramadan, S. M. Sarathy
Ethanol Octane Responses FACE Gasoline Multi-component

On the effects of fuel properties and injection timing in partially premixed compression ignition of low octane fuels

Authors: N. Naser, M. Jaasim, N. Atef, S. H. Chung. S. M. Sarathy, H. G. Im
Light Naphtha Partially Premixed Compression Ignition Combustion Fuel Stratification Low Octane Gasoline

Integrated In Situ Characterization of a Molten Salt Catalyst Surface: Evidence of Sodium Peroxide and Hydroxyl Radical Formation

Authors: K. Takanabe, A. M. Khan, Y. Tang, L. Nguyen, A. Ziani, B. W. Jacobs, A.M. Elbaz, S. M. Sarathy, F. Tao
Heterogene Katalyse Hydroxylradikale Oxidative Kupplungen Natriumperoxid Umgebungsdruck-XPS

Heats of Formation of Medium-Sized Organic Compounds from Contemporary Electronic Structure Methods

Authors: Y. Minenkov, H. Wang, Z. Wang, S. M. Sarathy, L. Cavallo
Heats of Formation Organic Compounds Electronic Structure Methods

Cyclopentane combustion. Part II. Ignition delay measurements and mechanism validation

Authors: M. J. AlRashidi, J. C. Marmol, C. Banyon, M. B. Sajid, W. J. Pitz, S. Y. Mohamed, A. Alfazazi, L. Tianfeng, H. J. Curran, A. Farooq, S. M. Sarathy
Cyclopentane Ignition Delay Shock Tube Rapid Compression Machine Kinetic Modeling

Optimizing blendstock composition and ethanol feedstock to reduce gasoline well-to-pump CO2 emission

Authors: B. Zhang, S. M. Sarathy, A. F. N. A. Manan
Corn-based Ethanol Lifecycle Analysis Ethanol Blended Gasoline CO2 Emission Well-to-wheel Emission

Quantities of interest in jet stirred reactor oxidation of a high-octane gasoline

Authors: B. Chen, C. Togbé, H. Selim, P. Dagaut, S. M. Sarathy
GC-MS Jet Gasoline

Evaluation of anti-knock quality of dicyclopentadiene-gasoline blends

Authors: M. Khodaier, V. Shankar, M. Waqas, N. Naser, S. M. Sarathy
Automotive Gasoline Knock

Auto-Ignition of iso-stoichiometric blends of gasoline-ethanol-methanol (GEM) in SI, HCCI and CI combustion modes

Authors: M. Waqas, N. Naser, S. M. Sarathy, J. Feijs, K. MorgantI, G. Nyrenstedt
Ethanol Methanol Diesel/ Compression Ignition Engines Spark Ignition Engines HCCI Engines Combustion and Combustion Processes

Simulating HCCI blending octane number of primary reference fuel with ethanol

Authors: E. Singh, M. Waqas, B. Johansson, S. M. Sarathy
Ethanol HCCI Engines Combustion and Combustion Processes

A comprehensive detailed kinetic mechanism for the simulation of transportation fuels

Authors: M. Mehl, S. Wagnon, K. Tsang, G. Kukkadapu, W. Pitz, C. Westbrook, S. M. Sarathy, A. Ahmed
LLNL NUI Polyalkylated

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