Principal Investigator

Research Scientist

Manuel Monge Palacios, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Rate constant, modeling, simulations, potential energy surface, reaction mechanism.

Mohammed AlAbbad, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Combustion, chemical kinetics, Laser Diagnostics, Fuels

Postdoctoral Fellow

Husain Baaqel, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Life Cycle Assessment, Techno-Economic Analysis, Process Modelling and Simulation

Inna Gorbatenko, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Alternative Fuels, Auto-Ignition, Engine Knock and Super-Knock, Advanced Engine Technologies, Gas-Phase Chemical Kinetics, Analysis of Kinetic Mechanisms, Fluid Dynamics

Ribhu Gautam, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Fast Pyrolysis, Kinetics, Biofuel, Biomass, Micro- and Macroalgae, Polymers

Shashank Sakleshpur Nagaraja, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Combustion Chemistry, Mechanism Development, Carbon Neutral Fuels

PhD Student

Haoyi Wang

Ph.D. Student​​

chemical kinetics, Low Pressure, Combustion

Nursulu Kuzhagaliyeva

​MS | PhD Student​​

Amit Kunte

Ph.D. Student

CFD, Electrolysis, Numerical Methods, Clean Energy

Abdulrahman Magdy Mohammed

Ph.D. Student

Internal Combustion Engines, Future Mobility, Hydrogen Combustion, Climate Change Mitigation, Carbon capture

Aessa Alabdrabalnabi

MS/Ph.D Student

Pyrolysis, Machine Learning, MSW

Chengcheng Zhao

Ph.D. Student

Alternative Fuels, Biofuel, Life Cycle Assessment

Giuseppe Pezzella

Ph.D. Student

Adsorption, CO2 capture

Jinan Aljaziri

Ph.D. Student

Biomass pyrolysis, Biofuel, chemical kinetics

Juan Restrepo Cano

Ph.D. Students

Lattice-Boltzmann modelling, Computational fluid dynamics, chemical kinetics, Catalytic Oil Upgrading

Tairan Wang

Ph.D. Student

Quantum chemistry, Machine Learning

Masters Student

Bima Prasetya Pancasakti

MS/PhD Student

Waste Valorization, Sustainable and Renewable Energy

Khalid Faiz Alahmadi

MS Student

Reaction Engineering, Kinetics, JSR

Andres Cardenas Alvarez

MS/Ph.D. Student

Heavy Fuel Oils, Analytical Characterization

Basem Eraqi

MS/Ph.D. Student

Sustainable Energy Sources, Combustion, e-Fuels, CO2 Capture and Utilization, Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

Carolina Arias Gallego

MS Student

Sustainable Processes, Clean Combustion

Edwin Guevara Romero

MS|Ph.D. Student

Petroleomics, Heavy Fuel Oils, Analytical Chemistry

Harif Fontecha

MS | Ph.D. Student

Techno-Economic Analysis, Power Modelling, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Jonathan Peterson

Master Student

​Experimental Combustion, Engine Performance

Monserrat Echegoyen

MS Student

Sustainability, Clean Energy, Renewable Energy, Aerospace Engineering, Quantum Mechanics

Youssef Al Ashkar

Master Student

Combustion Reaction Modeling

Research Group Staff

Daniel Enebeli

Research Consultant

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