Achieving 80% greenhouse gas reduction target in Saudi Arabia under low and medium oil prices

Authors: Y. Alshammari, M.Sarathy
CO2 Emissions Decarbonisation Scenarios Power Generation Oil Breakeven Price Saudi Arabia

Additional chain-branching pathways in the low-temperature oxidation of branched alkanes

Authors: Z. Wang, L. Zhang, K. Moshammer, D. M. Popolan-Vaida, V. S. B. Shankar, S. M. Sarathy
Auto-oxidation Chain-branching Highly Oxidized Multifunctional Molecules Peroxides Alternative Isomerization Synchrotron VUV Photoionization Mass Spectrometry

Primary Reference Fuels (PRFs) as Surrogates for Low Sensitivity Gasoline Fuels

Authors: V. Shankar, M. Sajid, K. Al-Qurashi, N. Atef, I. Alkhesho, A. Ahmed, S. Chung, W. Roberts, K. MorgantI, S. Sarathy
Primary Reference Fuels (PRFs) Surrogates Gasoline Fuels

Knock Prediction Using a Simple Model for Ignition Delay

Authors: G. Kalghatgi, K. MorgantI, I. Algunaibet, M. Sarathy, R. Dibble
Ethanol Knock Combustion and Combustion Processes

Modeling Ignition of a Heptane Isomer: Improved Thermodynamics, Reaction Pathways, Kinetics, and Rate Rule Optimizations for 2-Methylhexane

Authors: S. Mohamed, L. Cai, F. Khaled, C. Banyon, Z. Wang, M. Rashidi
Kinetic Methylhexane

Blending Octane Number of Ethanol in HCCI, SI and CI Combustion Modes

Authors: M. Waqas, N. Naser, M. Sarathy, K. MorgantI, K.Al-Qurashi, B. Johansson
FACE Gasolines Ethanol Blending Octane Number (BON) CFR IQT Base Fuel Octane Number and Composition.

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Ethanol/Diethyl Ether Mixtures in a CI Engine

Authors: T. Lu, H. Im, M. Sarathy, R. Dibble

Altmetric original articles measurements of positively charged lons in premixed methane-oxygen atmospheric flames

Authors: A. Alquait, J. Han, M. Chahine, H. Selim, M. Belhi, M. Sarathy, F. Bisetti, A. Farooq
Anions Cations Ion Chemistry Model Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry (MBMS) Methane Flames

Predicting Fuel Ignition Quality Using 1H NMR Spectroscopy and Multiple Linear Regression

Authors: A. Jameel, N. Naser, A. Emwas, S. Dooley, M. Sarathy

α-Pinene-A High Energy Density Biofuel for SI Engine Applications

Authors: V. Raman, V. Sivasankaralingam, R. Dibble, S.M. Sarathy
Keywords of The Paper - Pinene Terpineol FACE A Gasoline Energy Density Biofuel Ignition Delay SI Engine.

Two-stage Lagrangian modeling of ignition processes in ignition quality tester and constant volume combustion chambers

Authors: A. Alfazazi, O.A. Kuti, N. Naser, S.H. Chung, S.M. Sarathy
Two-stage Lagrangian Model (TSL) Ignition Quality Tester (IQT) Constant Volume Combustion Chamber (CVCC) Isooctane n-Heptane n-Dodecane Second Stage Ignition Delay Time First Stage Ignition Delay Time

Third O 2 addition reactions promote the low-temperature auto-ignition of n-alkanes

Authors: Z. Wang, S.M. Sarathy
Auto-oxidation Alternative Isomerization Chain Branching Peroxy Chemistry Atmospheric Oxidation

Predicting fuel ignition quality using 1H NMR spectroscopy and multiple linear regression

Authors: A.G. Abdul Jameel, N. Naser, A.H. Emwas, S. Dooley, S.M. Sarathy
Cetane number: NMR: branching index: MLR

Optimized reaction mechanism rate rules for ignition of normal alkanes

Authors: L. Cai, H. Pitsch, S.Y. Mohamed, V. Raman, J. Bugler, H. Curran, S.M. Sarathy
PRF/toluene/ethanol Gasoline Surrogate Optimization Uncertainty Quantification

Modeling of Heating and Evaporation of FACE I Gasoline Fuel and its Surrogates

Authors: A. Elwardany, J. Badra, J. Sim, M. Khurshid, M. Sarathy, H. Im
Modeling of Heating Evaporation of FACE I Gasoline Fuel Surrogates

Mixing-Structure Relationship in Jet-Stirred Reactors

Authors: W.W. Ayass, E.F. Nasir, A. Farooq, S.M. Sarathy
Jet-stirred Reactor Mixing Reactor Design Residence Time Distribution

Measurements of positively charged ions in premixed methane-oxygen atmospheric flames

Authors: A.B.S. Alquaity, J. Han, M. Chahine, H. Selim, M. Belhi, S.M. Sarathy, F. Bisetti, A. Farooq
Cations Anions Methane Flames MBMS Ion Chemistry Model

Lifecycle optimized ethanol-gasoline blends for turbocharged engines

Authors: B. Zhang, S. M. Sarathy
Lifecycle Analysis Ethanol Blended Fuel Turbocharging CO2 Emission Engine Downsizing

Improved combustion kinetic model and HCCI engine simulations of di-isopropyl ketone ignition

Authors: G. Barari, S.M. Sarathy, S.S. Vasu
HCCI Ketone Fuels Ignition Combustion Kinetics Modeling

Experiments and simulations of NO x formation in the combustion of hydroxylated fuels

Authors: M.D. Bohon, M.J. Al-Rashidi, S.M. Sarathy, W.L. Roberts
NOx Alcohol Swirl Thermal Prompt Hydroxylated

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