An experimental and modeling study of the autoignition of 3-methylheptane

Authors: W. Wang, Z. Li, M. Oehlschlaeger, D.Healy, H. Curran, M. Sarathy, M. Mehl, W. Pitz, C. Westbrook
3-methylheptane Shock Tube Rapid Compression Machine Chemical Kinetic Modeling

Jet-stirred reactor and flame studies of propanal oxidation

Authors: P. Veloo, P. Dagaut, C. Togbe, G. Dayma, M. Sarathy, C. Westbrook, F.Egolfopoulos
Kinetics Jet-stirred Reactor Flame Propagation Modeling Propanal

Ignition of non-premixed counterflow flames of octane and decane isomers

Authors: N. Liu, M. Sarathy, C. Westbrook, F. Egolfopoulos
Flame Ignition Octane Isomers Decane Isomers Non-premixed Flames Kinetic Modeling

Detailed chemical kinetic modeling of the effects of Cdouble bond; length as m-dashC double bonds on the ignition of biodiesel fuels

Authors: C. Westbrook, W. Pitz, M. Sarathy, M. Mehl
Reaction Mechanisms Ignition Diesel Engines Biodiesel Fuels

A counterflow diffusion flame study of branched octane isomers

Authors: M. Sarathy, U. Niemann, C. Yeung, R. Gehmlich, C. Westbrook, M. Plomer, Z. Luod, M. Mehl, W.Pitz, K. Seshadri
3-methylheptane 2 5-dimethylhexane Counterflow Diffusion Flame Ignition Extinction

Fuel spray combustion of waste cooking oil and palm oil biodiesel: direct photography and detailed chemical kinetics

Authors: O. Kuti. K. Nishida. M. Sarathy, J. Zhu
Biodiesel Diesel / Compression Ignition Engines Combustion and Combustion Processes

Experimental and modeling study of the oxidation of n- and iso-butanal

Authors: P.S. Veloo, P. Dagaut, C. Togbé, G. Dayma, S.M. Sarathy, C.K. Westbrook, F.N. Egolfopoulos
Jet Stirred Reactor Flame Propagation n-Butanal iso-Butanal Kinetics

Autoignition characterization of primary reference fuels and n-heptane/n-butanol mixtures in a constant volume combustion device and homogeneous charge compression ignition engine

Authors: S.M. Sarathy, A.J. Marchese
primary Reference Fuels (PRF) N-heptane/n-butanol Fuel Ignition Tester (FIT) Homogeneous Charge Compression Engine (HCCI)

Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry for complex thiophenic mixture analysis

Authors: N. Hourani, J.T. Andersson, I. Möller, M. Amad, M. Witt, S.M. Sarathy
Polycyclic Aromatic Sulfur Heterocycles (PASHs) Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI)

A computational study of the combustion and atmospheric decomposition of 2-methylfuran

Authors: A.C. Davis, S.M. Sarathy
2-methylfuran (2MF) CBS-QB3 Alkylfurans

A comprehensive experimental and modeling study of iso-pentanol combustion

Authors: S.M. Sarathy, S. Park, W. Wang, P.S. Veloo, A.C. Davis, C. Togbe, B. Weber, C.K. Westbrook, O. Park, G. Dayma, Z. Luo, M.A. Oehlschlaeger, F.N. Egolfopoulos, T. Lu, W.J. Pitz, C.-J. Sung, P. Dagaut
Combustion Chemistry Chemical Kinetic Modeling Shock Tube Rapid Compression Machine Jet Stirred Reactor Mechanism Reduction

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