Research Scientist

Zhandong Wang, Ph.D.

Research Scientist​

Fuels and combustion

Postdoctoral Fellow

Eshan Singh, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Fuels and combustion

Gokop Goteng

​Postdoctoral Fellow​

Hatem Selim

Postdoctoral Fellow​

Fuels and combustion

Heng Wang, Ph.D.

​Postdoctoral Fellow​​

Thermochemistry, Kinetics, Reaction paths, Combustion Chemistry Modeling, Elementary Reaction Mechanism

Mariam El Rachidi

​Postdoctoral Fellow

Nadim Hourani

​Postdoctoral Fellow​

Xiaoyuan Zhang, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

FGMech development, real-fuel combustion, combustion reaction kinetics, ammonia

Yang Li, Ph.D.

Professor, State Key Laboratory of Heat Structure and Inner Flow Field of Combustion of Solid Rocket Motor, School of Astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Yousef M. Alshammari, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow

Fuels and combustion

PhD Student

Abdul Gani Abdul Jameel

Ph.D. Student

Fuels and combustion

Abdullah AlRamadan

Saudi Aramco Research and Development Center

Combustion, Fuel Design, chemical kinetics, Fuel Properties

Adamu Alfazazi

​Ph.D. Student​​

Autoignition chemistry, Reaction Engineering

Ahfaz Ahmed

Ph.D. Student

Fuels and combustion

Bingjie Chen

Ph.D. student

Fuels and combustion

Can Shao

PhD Student

Soot formation, PAHs, Diesel Sorrugate

Edwing Grajales Gonzalez

​MS | Ph.D. Student

Computational Chemistry, chemical kinetic modeling

Fabiyan Angikath

PhD Student​​

Chemical kinetic modelling, CFD, Sustainable H2 production

Mohannad Al-Khodaier

Ph.D. Student​

Fuels and combustion

Muhamad Firdaus Bin Hamzah

Ph.D. Student

Micro flow reactor, Fuels, chemical kinetics, Oxy-fuel combustion, Auto-ignition behavior, Carbon capture, Sustainability

Nawaf Alghamdi

Ph.D. Student​

chemical kinetics, emission reduction

Nimal Naser

Fuels and combustion

Nour Atef

Ph.D. Student

Fuels and combustion

Samah Y Mohamed

Postdoctoral Fellow

Chemical kinetic modelling, quantum chemistry calculations

Tsu fang, Hong

Ph.D. Student

Fuels, Lubricants, Tribokinetic, Nanomaterials

Vijai Shankar Bhavani Shankar

Ph.D. Student

Fuels and combustion

Yitong Zhai

Ph.D. Students

Combustion, Kinetic Model, Catalysis

Masters Student

Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Omier

​MS Student​​

chemical kinetics, Autoignition chemistry, Low temperature combustion chemistry, Negative temperature coefficient (NTC), Nonpremixed counterflow ignition.

Mayada Alhashem

​Ph.D. Student​​

Research Group Staff

Alexander C. Davis

Researcher - now a Collaborator at NIST

Naveena Nettyam

Database Programmer​

Scott Shaw

Software Engineer​

Shimaa Gamil

Software Programmer


Andrea Secco

VSRP Student​

Autoignition chemistry

Nooruddin Kapadia


Fuels and combustion

Pankaj Chandra


Fuels and combustion

Paolo Guida

VSRP student

Combustion, Heavy fuels modeling.

Sherif Khalifa

Research Intern student

Shivam Sharma


Fuels and combustion

Vincent van Oudenhoven

VSRP Student

Machine Learning, Big Data, Deep Learning

Visiting Researcher

Abbas Ali

​Visiting Student​​

Fuels and combustion

Hussain AlOufi

​Ph.D. Student​​

Dynamic modeling, Computational quantum chemistry, Numerical Analysis


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