A shock tube and chemical kinetic modeling study of the pyrolysis and oxidation of butanols

Authors: K. Yasunagaa, T. Mikajiria, M. Sarathyb, T. Koikea, F. Gillespiec, T. Nagyc, J. Simmiec, H. Curranc
Shock Tube Pyrolysis Oxidation Ignition n-Butanol Sec-Butanol

Modeling the combustion of high molecular weight fuels by a functional group approach

Authors: M. Mehl, W. Pitz, M. Sarathy, C. Westbrook
Modeling Molecular

Detailed kinetic modeling of conventional gasoline at highly boosted conditions and the associate intermediate temperature heat release

Authors: M. Mehl, W. Pitz, M. Sarathy, Y. Yang, John E.
Computer Simulation HCCI Engines

An experimental and modeling study investigating the ignition delay in a military diesel engine running hexadecane (cetane) fuel

Authors: J. Cowart, W. Fischer, L. Hamilton, P. Caton, M. Sarathy, W. Pitz
Hexadecane (cetane) Fuel

A comprehensive chemical kinetic combustion model for the four butanol isomers.

Authors: M. Sarathy, S. Vranckx, K. Yasunaga, M. Mehla, W. Metcalfe, C. Westbrooka, W. Pitza, K.Höinghaus, R. Fernandes
Butanol Isomers Chemical Kinetic Modeling Bio-butanol Reaction Rate Rules Alcohol Combustion

Effects of fuel branching on the propagation of octane isomers flames

Authors: C. Ji, M. Sarathy, P. Veloo, C. Westbrook, F. Egolfopoulos
Flame Propagation Branched Alkanes Octane Isomers Fuel Surrogates Kinetic Models

Detailed kinetic modeling study of n-pentanol oxidation

Authors: K.A. Heufer, S.M. Sarathy, H.J. Curran, A.C. Davis, C.K. Westbrook, W.J. Pitz

A reduced mechanism for biodiesel surrogates for compression ignition engine applications

Authors: Z. Luo, M. Plomer, T. Lu, S. Som, D.E. Longman, S.M. Sarathy, W.J. Pitz
Mechanism Reduction Biodiesel Methyl Decanoate Diesel Engine Auto-ignition

Experimental and kinetic modeling study of 3-methylheptane in a jet stirred reactor

Authors: F. Karsenty, S.M. Sarathy, C. Togbé, C.K. Westbrook, G. Dayma, P. Dagaut, M. Mehl, W.J. Pitz
Jet-stirred Reactor 3-methylheptane 2-methylheptane 2 5-dimethylhexane N-octane

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