Nehal J. Bokhumseen

Visiting Researcher

Visiting Researcher​


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Research Interests

In this short period of time, I am interested in validating reaction mechanisms and pathways by conducting combustion experiments using plug flow and perfectly stirred reactors coupled with analytical methods based on molecular beam TOF mass spectrometry, laser spectrometry and GC/LC methods. I am mainly interested in the validation of cyclopentne mechanism with and without the addition of TRFs. It will be interested to see how different compositions of those blends correlate to with ON


  • B.S., Chemistry, MSU, USA, 2010-2014

Professional Profile

  • Nehal Joined the Saudi Aramco Company CPDNE program in 2009. Later she pursued her studies in the United States majoring in Chemistry at Michigan State University. During her Studies she worked with Dr. Ned Jackson research group, who where mainly focused on biofuels. Her main interest was Hydrogen/deuterium exchange in electrochemical cells. She graduated in 2014 with chemistry B.S degree and joined Aramco in the same year.

KAUST Affiliations

  • Research Visitor, CCRC (KAUST)

Non-KAUST Affiliations

  • Lab Scientist, R&DC (Aramco)

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