Dr. Yousef Alshammari wins award!

23 October, 2014

Dr. Yousef Alshammari wins the runner up award at the Future Energy Leaders’ Summit held in Colombia

Summer interns return home

10 September, 2014

Summer Interns

Welcome new students and postdocs

04 September, 2014

The CPC group welcomes 4 new PhD students and 2 new postdoctoral researchers​​​​

Comprehensive Combustion Chemistry

14 June, 2014

Comprehensive Combustion Chemistry - KAUST and U Toronto​

Alcohol Combustion Chemistry

14 June, 2014

Alternative transportation fuels, preferably from renewable sources, include alcohols with up to five or even more carbon atoms. They are considered promising because they can be derived from biological matter via established and new processes.

Advanced Light Source Fall 2014

01 June, 2014

ALS Beamtime Proposal Accepted​

Welcome to Research Visitors

12 May, 2014

The CPC groups welcomes high quality researchers during the Summer of 2014.

5 papers accepted to 35th International Combustion Symposium

29 March, 2014

CPC Success at 35th International Combustion Symposium

Dr. Mariam El Rachidi is visiting LLNL

28 February, 2014

Dr. Mariam El Rachidi is visiting LLNL

Jet-stirred reactor experiments at the ALS

10 February, 2014

JSR at the ALS

Associate Editor of Proc Combust Inst

01 January, 2014

Dr. Mani Sarathy appointed Associate Editor

KAUST CPC group joins the ALS Flame Team

02 October, 2013

Members of the KAUST CPC group conduct experiments at the Advanced Light Source​

Welcome to new students

01 September, 2013

New students join the CPC group


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